Children play

Looking through the distance it made me look at myself. When I was careless and somehow free. The childhood days, even when I had uncontrollable fears, they faded away, as if they were nightmares waiting to vanish with the day.

The laughs, the long plays, the bright sun, the smell of salt on our skins, now it looks nostalgic even bitter. Memories that come and go, they shape us in spite of our oblivion.

There is not false showiness on this, not looking for a supreme ovation. I just want my images to get that honest look, I don’t need to be upon others neither below, that pulls us to a pointless sense of competition and rivalry, and unfortunately it’s what I saw on me and on the photographic world. For that reason I did not want to carry on any longer.

But maybe it’s the time, to go on, like child plays: unconstrained & mindless.


“I am alone in the midst of these happy, reasonable voices. All these creatures spend their time explaining, realizing happily that they agree with each other. In Heaven’s name, why is it so important to think the same things all together. ”
―Jean Paul Sartre, Nausea. 

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The man and the sea

I could not choose any other title that sums up what it comes instantly to my mind when I saw this man close to me at the beach although it’s not such an epic story as the Hemingway’s. It caught my attention totally. The way he smoked, his pose, his hair style, everything about him. Before sitting down, he was standing next to me with his shades on and looking at my table like he somehow predicted my next move. The moment it seemed to seize the picture. Nothing could go wrong even with the ciggie interference.


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Usual settings. Streets

If someone would ask me about why I started in the passionate field of photography I’d say without any doubt because I found street photography. Its immediacy mixed with the unaware aspects of daily life that we usually encounter and don’t keep on mind are the main attractions to me. Besides documentary photography, these two make up my interest and my encouragement to go on.

I don’t know why but I feel it as a genre that is still relevant and powerful. Its narrative and subtleness pierce my mind and make me to press the shutter. This set of images are part of a project called “Nosotros: luz y sombra” translated as “We: light and shadow”. I tried to explore daily scenes where the mystery and the silence take over the whole image and the contrast between light and shadow reinforce that idea.

P 01_MMERINOversion2004P 01_MMERINOversion2001P 01_MMERINOversion2002P 01_MMERINOversion2005P 01_MMERINOversion2003

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Outtakes from 3 Km. of Abyss

Savage, forgotten and hidden. Those are the three words that could summarize my project about a place very familiar for me because of my frequent journeys to that road. Since I was little it was my way to go to the main city or the nearby town where many relatives live. With the passing of time a feeling of hatred and resentment grew on me. It represented all the bad things that I used to think and could not change. Most of the times the path was unbearable and other tedious or it seemed very short and manageable. In some sense it’s like many things in our lives, we want to escape but we cannot leave because there is a kind of attachment and attraction to a particular feeling or situation.

I expect that these few lines help to provide a context to these images. A set of pictures that I did not include for the original project “3 Km. of Abyss” but I was quite happy with the result I obtained. In the next post, I will talk about the original one and the images that were part of it.



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Outtakes from 3km. of abyss by Laura M Merino is licensed under a Creative Commons Reconocimiento-NoComercial-CompartirIgual 4.0 Internacional License.


My Barna Vision

Some weeks ago I visited for the first time Barcelona and although I didn’t have much time to see and appreciate the city closer I totally loved the atmosphere on it as I had other priorities. Clean, vibrant, cultural and on the other hand fully packed with tourists looking for beaches (something that I did not like but not complaints at all).

As we were approaching Barcelona by train I couldn’t separate from the window as huge factories with its impressive chimneys and tanks dominated the landscape (Bernd and Hilla Becher upcoming project???). I particularly enjoyed MACBA, CCCB and Centre de la Imatge (Palau de la Virreina). This last one was the one which amazed me the most: an elegant palace built between 1772 and 1778 with a baroque style. It held a photographic exhibition about the history of Cataluña which I recommend 100%. Another great highlight was walking around Barrio Gótico and La Rambla. Definitely I’ll come back to appreciate closer Gaudi houses as well as Parc Guell and many other things that I couldn’t visit.

Here it goes my few shots:


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Suspiria Revisited

When I watched for the first time Suspiria by Dario Argento I completely fell in love with the photography on it. Highly saturated colors and red and blue taking all the prominence. The light caught me attention instantly. The work of Luciano Tovoli as a cinematographer I think it was superb and haunting, it fitted perfectly on the story in a very unconscious and imaginative way. So, for one of my practices I had to recreate a scene from a film and I chose this one. Taking into account that the equipment was quite minimal and in a studio with two continuous lighting I managed to recreate the space and the car with sofas and cork panels as closer as I could.  I hope you like it and feel free to post any opinion!

Fotografia ficcionalizada Suspiria
Still from Suspiria
Fotografia ficcionalizada Suspiria
My version

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What’s up with the light?

It’s the time to grow. The moment to start thinking big about what I’m doing. Books, lecturers… all they telling you the way to get the things straight, to get in touch with a more inspiring concept of your pictures and the truth is that until you don’t get the curiosity to experiment with you don’t even think about the possibilities. From my opinion, all photographers should be obsessed  with the lights or shadows, even both.

I still feel like a child giving the first steps. Everyday I ask myself about the state of photography, which point I’m and the most important question: do I fit in? I mean, the photography that catches the most attention doesn’t seem to appeal to me ( don’t get me wrong, I highly respect of it). Spending hours with Photoshop and creating parallel universes that are dreamy and ethereal are not my cup of tea.

What it sparkles my imagination and gives me a shot of excitement are the things that surround me like everyday situations, people, places, objects… Experimenting a lot with colour and how the light has an impact on everything makes me crazy too. Probably I have a more classical concept about photography. You cannot run neither deny to the things you are attached to and definitely they have a reflection on how you see it. Like many important photographers say: at the end, the pictures only talk about the one who takes it.

****For these pictures I have used flash, gold reflector and window light coming from behind. In the first two I added green colour filter to the flash, no reflector on those ones.


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